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Make your Lotto Perfected for You

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Probably there is no Romanian who did not dream at least once he won the big prize in the lotto. What can such a gain bring? Some dream of starting a business of their own, others will simply quit their jobs and have financial independence. It is indeed a game of probabilities and many are discouraged from the start when they find out what the mathematical chances of winning are.Make your Lotto Perfected

However, if you still find out that there are ways you can increase your chances of winning? It’s not as if you get a guarantee that the big prize will be yours at the next draw, but still extra chances of winning can mean that too. Through the uk lottoyou can have the smartest solutions now.

Here are some strategies, some tips that we have gathered by reading online articles and recommendations of specialists, to increase your chances of winning a little.

More tickets, more chances of winning

This replica that you probably heard everywhere is really valid. You can not win if you do not play, and the more you put more variants, the better your chances of winning that winning combination of numbers.

However, it also maintains a limit. Don’t turn the lottery game into your only investment, but limit yourself to a certain budget that you think you can afford.

Choose the numbers and do not allow an automatic system to generate them

Even extracting numbers from a bowl can lower your chances of winning.

Each of us has one or more numbers that we consider lucky. Play those numbers and do not let the chance of choosing your potentially winning combination.

Avoid consecutive numbers

Even if the combination of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 has the same mathematical chance of being extracted as any other variant, it is preferable to avoid it. The same is true of any other combination of consecutive numbers – if you check a few statistics you will see that rarely more than 3 successive numbers have been extracted. As a result, choose the numbers you consider lucky and avoid the series.


Probably when choosing your lucky lotto numbers you think of special events that you have had in your life. You choose the date of the anniversary, the age of the child or the numbers the zodiac tells you to bring you luck. If we were to take the idea that the vast majority place combinations of numbers that represent calendar data, an additional chance of winning would be brought by the idea of ​​putting combinations of numbers over 31.

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