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We are going to start with the most basic things about the online poker game, its rules, so that you know the route to follow and the tools you have during your plays.

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  • The cards: poker is usually played with a deck of 52 cards, and in some game modes 1 or 2 jokers are integrated.
  • Scoring: although there is a hierarchical rank in poker hands, points are not added as such, but there are different combinations of 5 cards that can guarantee you an absolute victory, with some hands such as a straight flush, three of a kind or a pair.
  • The bets: this is the core of the game, since to be able to enjoy a poker session you need chips and we will have to set our bets according to our hand in play.
  • The pot: as the game develops, a pot grows, which is absolutely lost when we lose the game. A game is made up of different hands, making it a game that drags on significantly.
  • Wildcards: Wildcards usually appear frequently in poker, although this may vary depending on the type of game. These cards can complement a hand and help the player rack up a win with a winning hand.
  • Players: in titles like Texas Hold’em 2-10 players are allowed, while in others like Seven Card Stud 2-8 participants are allowed.

Luck can change dramatically from round to round, and this game involves putting up with your emotions, staying calm, and having the ability to deceive others regarding the cards in your hand.

Types of games in Poker

Let’s know a little about the types of poker available in online casinos with a brief summary that at poker casino we provide you.

Texas Hold’em

It is a poker game in which 2 to 10 players participate, which is very popular among gamblers of this modality. You are dealt two face-down cards and five face-up cards in the center of the table. It allows to play in three stages, the flop, turn and river. For pkv poker qq sites you need to choose the best now.


Poker Omaha

This popular poker game has its roots in Texas Hold’em, it allows 2 to 10 players to play, with the particular characteristic that it allows to develop phases such as preflop, flop, turn, river and showdown. It is a very fun game and with very good chances of winning for the players.

Online poker

Poker is one of the first games that were adapted to the online format, allowing players to access from a betting website, participating with other users in real time through a digital interface. Sometimes we play against other virtual participants.

7 Cards Stud

It is a game that incorporates up to 8 participants and is played with 7 cards, 3 of them face down and the others showing. The characteristic element of these bets is that they offer the “ante”, that a bet is made before the hand begins.

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